Detective Dreams: Unlocking the Mystery of the Self

14 June 2017 Every night for the past week I've dreamed about work as a detective. I can always tell it's a detective dream because the sense of adventure is off-the-charts high and yet the details of where I'm going, who I'm with, what I'm doing and why are not clear. There will be this … Continue reading Detective Dreams: Unlocking the Mystery of the Self

Dreamwork & Changework: Patterns of Progress

18 April 2017 When I first started consciously doing this work in 2009 I soon realized there was a significant concern about the way some people were treating others. It's pretty easy for pure-intentioned people to write and speak publicly about bad behaviour in an organization and how to change it. But when a high-minded … Continue reading Dreamwork & Changework: Patterns of Progress

Dreamwork & Transformation

Recently someone asked about what I write about online and I said I write about dreams. They asked if it was "dream interpretation" and I nodded yes even though the work I do takes what people usually think of as dream interpretation to a whole new level of transformation and growth. Then the conversation stopped. … Continue reading Dreamwork & Transformation

333 is Abundance Because it’s the same even when you flip it!

06 June 2017 Waking up to abundance is like waking up to a whole new way of looking at things. Humanity is so far behind in this area they are still mostly in the Dark Ages when it comes to having a positive vision of abundance and living in it. When I woke up to … Continue reading 333 is Abundance Because it’s the same even when you flip it!

Dream: Photo, Mom & Sister, me watching

05 June 2017 In the dream, I am watching someone take a photo of my mom & sister who are both dressed in matching blue shirts and white pants. Then my sister is with a little girl who is also wearing blue shirt and white pants and my mom is taking the picture. Then I … Continue reading Dream: Photo, Mom & Sister, me watching

Dream: Homefront Pioneer & Chocolate Cake

14 April 2017 Last night I dreamed of two things really close to my heart ~ Chocolate Cake & Homefront Pioneering. It's hard to write about the worst part of the dream because it was so bad. The dream with the cake it in makes me smile though and brings sweetness to the scenario so … Continue reading Dream: Homefront Pioneer & Chocolate Cake

A Philosophy of Darkness

12 April 2017 Even though the most natural and normal thing in existence is the inclination to grow and thrive, some people dread it as though change were a monster. The thing about dealing with monsters is that even the thought of them gets the heart racing and leaves the mind wondering is it best … Continue reading A Philosophy of Darkness