Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

08 June 2017 In the dream, I arrive at a gathering in a remote mountainous area like a ranch in B.C. We all gather together and eat and discuss how thing went and where they are going next. Apparently I had brought a pig to roast and the feedback was that the group was vegetarian … Continue reading Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

Dream: Snake in the Grass

07 April 2017 It's been such a long time since a snake has shown up in my dreams. Haven't seen snakes in my dreams ever since getting out of the snake-filled corporate environment 6 months ago. So whenever a snake shows up in in a dream I start thinking about transformation and change. It's good … Continue reading Dream: Snake in the Grass

Daily Dream Diary -Motorcycle

January 08, 2017 To dream of a motorcycle is a symbol about getting where you're going by being independent and agile. There's probably no more efficient way for someone to travel individually than on a motorcycle. In my motorcycle dream, I was riding it for the first time and went to the gas station to … Continue reading Daily Dream Diary -Motorcycle

Negative People Dreams: How To Keep Them OUT

The key with negative people in dreams is to remember that negative people and the feelings they bring up are not "bad" but they are messengers which show areas of life, or self, which are ready to be developed now. When you really get this, it makes it easy to love your enemy, because you … Continue reading Negative People Dreams: How To Keep Them OUT

Dream: Bugs, Mobile Home

Dear Richard, I dream I am working in a mobile home (which is common out here in Fort Mac)  which is a medical clinic for children. There are staff changes and new people coming on. A strong male friend of the family works there. The inside of the mobile home is comfortable, well-maintained, well supplied, purposeful, … Continue reading Dream: Bugs, Mobile Home