333 is Abundance Because it’s the same even when you flip it!

06 June 2017 Waking up to abundance is like waking up to a whole new way of looking at things. Humanity is so far behind in this area they are still mostly in the Dark Ages when it comes to having a positive vision of abundance and living in it. When I woke up to … Continue reading 333 is Abundance Because it’s the same even when you flip it!

Dream: Video of the Sky

11 April 2017 In the dream, something is happening which can't easily happen if at all in real life. But seeing it happen in a dream is a good reminder of the dreamworld's way to get us to think about infinite possibilities. Because it's not something which usually happens in the time & space of … Continue reading Dream: Video of the Sky

Dream: North wind, Ocean Storm, Mountain Climb

20 March 2017 6:29am - Spring Equinox (Equal Night!) Doodled quickly during a game & when I was done I saw an image of a young girl's face blowing air like the North Wind I also doodled a plant in bright light, mid-sun and one in the dark & dying In one scene I am … Continue reading Dream: North wind, Ocean Storm, Mountain Climb

Dream: A Breaching Whale

11 March 2017 The beginning of the dream was just ordinary and regular. It was one of those mundane kinds of dreams about mundane life things which bore me silly. Someone gave me $60 and asked me to share it equally between 3 people so I did that. But then later I went into the … Continue reading Dream: A Breaching Whale

Daily Dream Diary – Fighting Stance

January 08, 2017 with V.P. in a livingroom/hotel room - i go into fighting stance with him, see i can kick his butt and start giving him instructions as to how to properly spare a bouncy castle, one just for me being a teacher in a room and being told the kids were messy with … Continue reading Daily Dream Diary – Fighting Stance

Daily Dream Diary – Cleaning a Kitchen

In the dream, I am cleaning a kitchen. Everyone else has gone to bed. I've already cleaned the livingroom and front hall areas and now am cleaning here. I'm sorting boxes of cereal and doing dishes and enjoying thinking about how happy people will be when they wake up and see how clean it is.