Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

08 June 2017 In the dream, I arrive at a gathering in a remote mountainous area like a ranch in B.C. We all gather together and eat and discuss how thing went and where they are going next. Apparently I had brought a pig to roast and the feedback was that the group was vegetarian … Continue reading Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

Dream: Homefront Pioneer & Chocolate Cake

14 April 2017 Last night I dreamed of two things really close to my heart ~ Chocolate Cake & Homefront Pioneering. It's hard to write about the worst part of the dream because it was so bad. The dream with the cake it in makes me smile though and brings sweetness to the scenario so … Continue reading Dream: Homefront Pioneer & Chocolate Cake

Dream: Resort, Negative Person, Car

13 April 2017 In the dream, I'm a resident at a place like a conference center/resort/camp. There's a bit of chaos and I handle it but then there's a knock on the door and the person wants to give me something to pick up and I say yes but truly realize I won't be able … Continue reading Dream: Resort, Negative Person, Car

Daily Dream Diary – A Christmas Group

In the dream, I am standing outside on a hill. A large group of about 100 ppl are in a circle, mostly wearing red & whites, singing songs. They appear to be happy but I realize they are not. I say to myself that they are not happy because they think what they are doing … Continue reading Daily Dream Diary – A Christmas Group

Self-Defense Dream: Knife Work

17 February 2017 In the dream, it was a special day. There was a widely televised fashion show and a wedding for royalty or something like it. I had just come back from battle and was carrying stories of victory which I was eager to share. Within that setting a lot was going on. At … Continue reading Self-Defense Dream: Knife Work