1008 Dreams: Driving my own Truck!


Going deeper into the transformation


In the dream, I had been driving a grey truck, excellent solid, new strong truck, for a distance. It had the feeling of Fort McMurray northern environment and I had finally arrived. The road I was on was gravel and there was a slope on both sides that went down to a house on the one side and maybe a farm, or industry on the other. I parked the truck with skill in an area near construction so that it was perpendicular across the road and no one else could pass. I signaled to someone, a farmer perhaps, was it okay that i parked here and they signaled said yes.


I got out, was playing with the keys between my fingers, assessing the surroundings, taking it all in. What a great feeling to have arrived.


When I first woke up there was a sense of some dream images from where I had come from and a sense of some that followed this scenario.






truck – a vehicle for getting to where i want to go, is powerful, has a lots of space and multi-purpose, is dependable and trustworthy, is something of a privilege to be able to own and drive well, can travel and handle well even in far away places, even in cold and snowy climates, even in construction and unpaved roads.


new rural area house – this one is owned by industrious individuals who were expecting me and inviting me, well maintained, well situated, well supported, able and capable to withstand any weather or any storm, the feeling of in-it-for-the-long-run and the feeling of being part of a family, the way the road was higher up was like I had driven in on a mountain road and the house was in the valley, so it was protected in a way like that.


new farm/industry – the feeling from this farmer and industry was productivity, service, prosperity, feeling of doing what needed to be done and everything being okay, ie. services received, paid for, and invested back into the business. a feeling of things going to last.


keys – to hold a set of keys – really, the feeling was that this truck, this house, this industry was a part of me. in the social world we would say “it was mine” but that doesn’t describe the feeling in the dream…the words for that would be “i belonged” and also “i fit in that space and that space fit in me.” something like that. more about being connected and a piece of a whole rather than than ownership. also that I was the whole and these were pieces of me.






What is the dream telling me is the biggest issue?


The dream tells me I have arrived at somewhere, some time that I have been journeying to. The dream shows me a bit of what it means to be at the beginning of things going well. It centers me and helps me to make decisions about what action to take next.


The keys are like choices for different doors to open. In the dream I wondered what to do first – sort of like go see the farmer? or go see the house owners? or go for a walk? etc. the fact that i saw the farmer makes me feel this is the direction to go first. so who is the farmer in my waking life?





The keys represent choices. Which door do I want to open first.


Yesterday, and the day before was like a roller coaster of events, and great opportunities. A number of doors opened before me. I think the farmer represents a situation in which i had thought of opening this apartment as a center for office space and service for core activities and then a group showed up who had been brainstorming and made this decision to find a space to rent in the neighbourhood. I offered my space to them and now they are thinking about it. I went to bed wondering what should i share with them, what should i say, do, write in order to advance this as a collective, given that i am new to them.


in writing this it is clear. I took action and now am coming back to the dream again.


When a dream is positive I can go inside the dream and live there all day.


When I go inside the dream and see the house and the farm and hear the wind and some machinery, hear the keys in my hands, I feel that the dream is encouraging me to expand into a feeling of being able to trust my surroundings. To trust both house and industry, both myself and business. To go into both easily. To not hide in either but to be in both.


In the dream, it is like I am clearing out cobwebs in an old attic and opening windows but also it is like walking into a beautiful, clean, well-maintained kitchen and being okay with the fact they want to hand the keys over to me. it’s not like showing up to a friends to visit. this is like showing up to a friend who is giving me a house and farm and my responsibility is to receive it. so when i walk in it is not like i walk in and take in things the way they are and have to stay that way but I walk in and am thinking about in what way I will be a part of this.


SOOO many doors opened in the past 48 hours I truly don’t know which to walk through first, second, third. I like so much the farmer in the dream. My natural inclination is to go to the house first, to the kitchen! LOL. but the dream says go to the farmer. So…i’ll go in and meet him.





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