Dream: Someone Started a War

In the dream, I am standing having a casual conversation with someone in a non-significant area like a parking lot, and they inform me that someone far away on the other side of the world started a war which would be worldwide and effect every individual on earth, including me of course. As they spoke, … Continue reading Dream: Someone Started a War

“Dreams are Before-Time Things”

October 29, 2009 Hi Rachel, Thanks for the comment.  If your real life situation were a dream, you could have dealt with the whole thing ahead of time, but as this happened in real life, all of the metaphors have switched over from one world to the next.  Pretty interesting. So water metaphors are always about … Continue reading “Dreams are Before-Time Things”

Good Character is Like a Jewel

The light of a good character surpasseth the light of the sun and the radiance thereof. Whoso attaineth unto it is accounted as a jewel among men. Baha’u’llah When I read this quote today, I remembered my dream of the red Ruby with the R on it. And how this was a message to me … Continue reading Good Character is Like a Jewel