Dream: White car, Black truck, and a hill

Last night, I dreamed first of parking my little white car in a parking lot, then going inside. A big transport truck came by. It nearly knocked over my car but didn’t and I was grateful for my good parking job because my car was in a place where it couldn’t get to.

That big truck left and then when I got into my vehicle it was now my big black truck. I was driving it through the parking lot which was a little tricky because it was on a hill but I felt confident and knew where I was going. It was great.


Car = where I’m going…daily, regularly, with certainty, with agility

Truck = where I’m going …on occasion, when the task is harder, when strength, endurance, industry and power is needed

Transport truck = association to Fort McMurray, work-a-colic issues, neglecting close relationships

Hill = Is about endurance. Putting extra effort in at the beginning and then going with the flow afterwards.


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